christopher g johnson

Hi, I’m Christopher G Johnson. I'm passionate about helping business of all sizes to build, launch, and grow their products. That's why I started Innovation Instincts.

The Innovation Instincts team has been building software for a long time, working with tiny startups and giant corporate enterprises. Technology is in our blood and delighting users is our main goal.

Full Stack Product Development is what I call our core competency. In engineering terms, the “full stack” starts with a database and ends with a user interface. In product development, engineering is just part of the equation; The product developer’s stack also includes customer development through marketing and sales, using analytics to track your progress.

If you want help building your product from someone who understands why you’re building it, then Let’s Talk.

Companies We've Worked With:

Nuance Bcbs Ftd Geneca Officemax Accenture




  • Custom Software Development with Ruby on Rails and Java
  • Front End Development - AngularJS, HTML5/CSS/JQuery
  • Enterprise Architecture, SOA
  • Performance Architecture & Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Zero to App Store Development
  • Cross Platform Deployment with Phonegap
  • Ionic Framework
  • Team Development, Mentoring
  • Agile Adoption
  • SEO Best Practices
  • Process Improvement, Continuous Integration


Customers First

The most important thing to your business is not your processes or your technology; It is your customers. We understand this and will put your customers at the forefront of everything we do. A project that completes early and under budget but fails to meet your customer’s expectations is still a failure.

Data Over Opinions

“In God we trust. Everyone else Bring Data.” Edward Demming’s words are truer than ever in this golden age of data analytics. If a user takes an action, it can be measured. Product decisions should be made with facts and data, not opinions.


There is no secret sauce in what we do. We’ve just been doing it for a long time and take pride in doing it well. By the way, we are human and have faults. We will share our faults with you and ask that you share yours with us.

Lean Startup Methodology

Our thinking is heavily influenced by the words of Eric Ries and Steve Blank – and they don’t just apply to startups. We believe that organization that learns the most about it’s market in the shortest amount of time will be the most successful. The way to increase the rate of organizational learning is to follow a build-measure-learn cycle and quickly iterate over it.



I promise to respond promptly to all legitimate inquiries.

If you are inquiring about our services the next step will be to have a no-pressure phone consultation. If we're not the best option to help your business we can help point you in the right direction.

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